Tips To Help Sell Your Beats And Rap Instrumentals

Selling Your Rap Instrumentals Online

Here we will give you tips that will help increase sales of your beats and rap instrumentals.

Marketing Your Instrumentals

Social Media is a main outlet to engage the right audience to help increase selling your beats. But there is a proper and improper way of doing this. Invasive strategies are a big no in the marketing industry. Nobody likes being tagged every single day on Facebook with 99 other people. Some get highly upset as they want there profile to remain private and not in plain view of other people whom they have no true connections with. Instead it is a better practice to post to your own personal timeline and allow the person to see it through there timeline. Although there are better strategies to marketing through social media than just this. On Facebook search bar you can search for relevant posts to help you find someone who is actually looking for beats. All you have to do is type on the top search bar "Posts about I need beats" Or "Posts about I'm looking for beats". This will show you people who have posted this term right on there wall! Talk about a dead giveaway to whose looking right? The same can be applied through twitter. But there is a program called Tweet Deck that can do this for you all the time and with LIVE FEED. That's right, no more refreshing the page to see new posts about the relevant term. This program will show new posts within seconds of them being posted. And anyone on twitter who says "I need beats" know they will be flooded with links from other producers. So it is essential to be the first one to get to it before the other producers do. 

Search Engine Optimization For Your Instrumentals Website

This is #1 in line when it comes to a successful beat selling business for rap artists to flock to. But because of this being the number 1 thing to do, it is also not the easiest. It consists of keyword density percentages, backlinks from QUALITY sites, Indexing your website, Search engine submissions every single day. SEO alone is a job in itself and can most likely require a team of experts to get the job done properly as improper tactics and setup of the website can actually make your website penalized and you will never be found on google ever. Keyword stuffing along with massive amounts of low quality backlinks will get you into Google prison for life. If you are a tech savvy person and i mean that will all emphasis on savvy because you will need a lot of knowledge to know how to do this properly this can be done by yourself. But if you have no clue as to what you are doing We highly recommend hiring an SEO professional, This does not come cheap. And if it does come cheap expect these "experts" to be using blackhat practices that will get you banned very quick. 

Throw Beats Sales For Rap Artists

I mean that goes without saying. Most artists don't want to pay an arm and a leg just for one beat. And whatever you do, Don't listen to those other producers who say your beats suck just because you sell them for cheap. This is there way of telling you they don't like you for selling cheaper than they are. In the music industry it is dog eat dog. You have to be on the top no matter what and thats the bottom line. And selling your beats cheaper will help increase your sales hands down. The guy who has top notch beats for $25 might only sell 1 beat a month if hes extremely lucky, but the guy with equivalent quality or mediocre beats who is selling them for $5 may sell 30 a month. It truly is all on how you reach out to your fans needs and demands. Expect artists to be struggling and expect that is the reason why they chose to be an artist because they want to make it big and not have to struggle anymore. So take this tip of advice and don't over price your Rap Instrumentals

Kill them with kindness

Share other artists work without you having to ask them. Give your honest opinion (or don't) its really up to you on that one. But one thing is for sure, no artist wants to hear negative feedback. Positive feedback and sharing of there music lets them know you support them. They may not even know who you are at the time. But be sure they will see your act of kindness and be curious as to who you are and check out your beats and be much more willing to buy from you and share your website for you as well all because you took the first initial step into creating a relation with your possible future clients. 


We hope this post helps you sell more rap instrumentals and if you enjoyed this read please feel free to share it with your friends. Thank you

~Eclipse The Producer~