Tips For Making Your Own Rap Instrumentals

Tips For Making Your Own Beats

There are many tips that can be covered in making rap instrumentals, making it hard for us to cover every aspect of it. But here are a few tips that should help get your beats started in the right direction. After all you are trying to make sales on your instrumentals and the only way to do that is make something that anyone can rap on.

Mastering Programs

It is always a good idea to have a mastering plugin on your Master Mixer track. These plugins add a vital roll to amping the beats up and creating a fuller effect over all that makes your beats shine. We recommend Izotope Ozone, but you are not limited to only that. Its a good idea to find a preset that you like within the plugin and tweak it some more to fit your liking. Make sure to pay attention to the monitors on the right; if your hitting in the red you need to turn the input or output down to compensate the tweaks that you've made as peaking can occur and nobody like a beat that is peaking.

High quality sound plugins

It is always a good idea to have high quality VST plugins to make your Rap instrumentals. One rule of thumb, Premade loops can be spotted a mile away. While there are no rules against the use of them unless its stated within the binding legal terms that came with them (make sure to check those as some of the loop packs you get are an absolute trap to sue happy producers who sell them claiming they are "royalty free.") It is still frowned upon as other artists and producer will know were it came from as these loops are rampant all over the internet. You don't want to be known as a producer who can't his own beats. We recommend 

1. East West/ Quantum leaps plugins. These are a bit pricey to purchase outright but they have a new producer cloud now that is only $30 a month and give you access to the entire database of sounds. 

2. Sylinth plugin. This is one of the top notch synthesizer plugins in todays market and have been for some time now. If you look hard enough you can even find data banks that add to the content of sounds within the plugins. 

3. Blu Cats Audio Suite. This is a must have and contains over 90 different plugins from equalizing to limiters, Gate effects and Compressors; Basically everything you'll ever need to help improve the quality of each sound you will have it in this plugin suite (Highly Recommended)

Rap Drum kits

The name says it all here. You cant ever have enough drum kits. As versatility is a key factor in this industry, once artists start finding out about you they may have requests for a certain style rap instrumental and want it custom just for them. So having a wide array of drum kits is never a bad thing to have.

Audio Interface

These are an absolute must have. For those of you who don't know what these help you with. Let me walk you through a scenario I'm sure you've already been through or are still struggling with. You start using high quality sounds and you end up hearing a chaotic crackling sounds and the program stutters, You go to do live record with your keyboard and you hit the keys and it comes out severely delayed. and you ask yourself how do i fix this. Well the audio interface is exactly what you need to fix these problems and keep your workflow as consistent as possible. Audio interface allows you to lower the Latency ( the time delay between your midi device and the time it actually plays the sound) higher latency means less crackling but much longer delay causing a pain for beat makers out there. But then again Lower latency make midi devices more on point but increases chances of getting the annoying stutters and crackling sounds coming from the program. This is all due to the fact that the processor in your computer and almost all computers out there are not able to full handle music creation so the audio interface in a nutshell in your secondary processors that is specifically designed to withstand all that.


Learn to play the piano

Not hard to explain this one. Its an absolute must. Producers who play with there clicker finger don't ever make it that far. 

Studio Monitors

You cant just use any kind of speakers to make beats. A common mistake for first timers. Not all speakers are created the same. Some are made to make things sound loud and bassy. This is not what you want. You need ones that are made for mixing your sounds properly, and studio monitors are the way to go. they keep the tweeters and the woofer close by without giving one or the other any EQ umph. You need that null signal so you know what the true sound is. And you need your basses right next to your tweeters because you need to see just how your bass matches up with your highs. Too much bass will drown all your highs out and you'll be left with a bass test instead of a beat. It takes time to learn to mix properly. Don't always trust input monitors but also never ignore them either. Avoid peaking by using the input monitors to keep any REDS out of the picture. After that the rest is up to your ears and each studio monitor is created differently so you will have to train for each different pair you get. 


We hope this helps you out in making your rap instrumentals. We will be coming out with more tips soon so be on the look out. 

~Eclipse The Producer~